The Ride

  • Options for riders of varying skill levels and street legal machines of 250cc and larger.
  • Navigation from a custom map and clue book with bonus locations. Divided into GREEN (paved/near paved), BLUE (dirt road/easy off-road), and BLACK (difficult off-road) with a point value based on the time from Base Camp.
  • Instagram helps us track your location and award your team points.

The Teams

  • This is a team event. Two or more makes a team.
  • All team members, or member motorcycles, must be included in location posts.
  • Single? We will hook you up (in a non-creepy way) with a team if you’re attending an event solo. You can also visit the Solo Rider Facebook page to look for a teammate.


  • Teams are awarded points for reaching bonus locations and individual rider performance on special tests.
  • Additional points earned by riding a combination of GREEN, BLUE, and BLACK points—rewarding teams for riding a diverse selection of locations.
  • The team with the most points wins the coveted Adventure Cup, which is neither a cup nor all that coveted, but they look cool.

What should I wear? What should I bring? Is it cold? Can I buy food there?

Here are a few notes for your adventure:

  • There is a food option for purchase at all events and lunch for purchase if you are in camp
  • Bring all-weather gear, sunscreen, and your favorite energy bars. Could be hot or it could snow, so be prepared for big swings in the temperatures.
  • We will have two beginner/intermediate and Advanced Off Road Skills classes each day (excluding Sunday).
  • The Instagram app will be needed by at least one member of each team for recording places reached. This person will be the RIDER OF RECORD.
  • Wifi is weak so purchases with cards maybe difficult. Bring cash as your back up. Don't want you to go hungry because your Diner's Club won't swipe.
  • There is a $10 parking fee for anyone just coming up for the day.
  • Tap Truck (CA) and the Rock Saloon (AZ) will be serving beer and wine for purchase each evening.
  • Stagecoach (CA) has a small general store and a sandwich counter. Did I mention they serve Thrifty Ice Cream?
  • Gas isn't available near Stagecoach Trails (CA) or Triangle T (AZ) so bring extra if you can. Please do some research on gas stations before your arrival.


If you signed up and do not have a team, please click HERE. This will take you to a ADV Rally Facebook group where you can discuss some specifics about your bike, riding style and preference to better match you up. Please reach out to the person who fits you best. If you wait until the Rally, you will be paired up by us and we will just put matching bike colors together 'cause it's pretty.

TEAMS are required for safety reasons. There isn't a set route. Each team chooses their path so we do not have a chase truck to follow. If you are a team and open to taking more folks with you, just let me know at check-in. Let's get everyone placed quickly so you can get out and ride.

Here is our contact information if you want to reach out to us directly: