The intent of the Adventure Rally & Camp is to create a fun yet legitimate competition for adventure bikes and riders that rewards good riding and navigation.

All riders will participate in teams of two or more. Each team will get a map filled with POI/Challenge locations, far more than they will be able to collect in the time provided. Each POI/Challenge is rated for technical difficulty and has a point value assigned. The challenge is to ride to POI/Challenges that suit your taste, Scavify will be used to score your visits. The team that ends the event with the most points takes home the Adventure Cup.

Now for the particulars:

  1. This is not a speed event. Excessive speed, unsafe passing, and dangerous riding of any sort can result in penalties up to and including disqualification. Excessive speed will also likely result in failed navigation, offsetting any theoretical advantage.
  2. You can ride as much, or as little as you want (within the allotted time window). The intent of the POI/Challenge values is to reward people who are willing to put in both some miles and ride some difficult terrain because we feel the Adventure Cup should go to a well-rounded team. However, it is an equally valid approach to choose a ride you’d like to do anyway, grab a POI or two, and lunch, and come back with a big smile.
  3. Teams must stay together. Points will not be awarded unless all riders (or all bikes) appear in the pictures at the POI/Challenge locations.
  4. Scoring will be tracked by requiring you to post an image to Scavify of you and your team at the POI/Challenge locations as described below. Use the included score sheet to keep track of your locations.
  5. Each POI/Challenge is rated as green, blue or black. Greens are on pavement or very smooth dirt roads. Blues are on graded dirt roads, mixed surfaces or easy two-track. Blacks are off-road, normally 4x4 type routes and potentially require navigating technical situations.
  6. The schedule for each day must be closely observed; penalties will apply as described below. All photos must be uploaded within one hour of returning to home base.
  7. Because there is no determined route, there is no sweep. You need to be self-sufficient to return to home base at the end of the day. You will want water, food, tools, tire repair capability, etc. If you break down somewhere, we will try to help eventually…but it probably won’t be on a schedule to your liking.


  1. Your entire team must reach the designated point together. You will prove this by taking a photo of the POI/Challenge with either all of your faces, or all of your bikes (or both, but no mixing and matching), AND the designated feature visible in the same picture.
  2. You will then upload that photo to the app Scavify. If there is no cell service at the point, take the photo and wait to upload it later. You will need to do so eventually to be scored.
  3. Each POI/Challenge has a bonus point value. We will monitor Instagram to make sure you team is staying together and visiting the sites.
  4. There are several non-location bonuses. Each has a point value. Grab these images whenever you have the opportunity.
  5. All judges’ decisions are final. Please make it easy for the people scoring by taking clear photos and uploading with correct tags.
  6. Timing: You need to respect the schedule of the day, and we don’t want you speeding to do it.
    1. If you are 0-5 minutes late, there is no bonus, and no penalty.

If you are running more than 5 minutes late, please text one of the numbers on the back of the book BEFORE check-in time to let us know your location and intentions. By checking in, you will lose bonuses in accordance with how late you are (so that you do not gain an advantage by being out longer), but you will not be excessively penalized.

If you are more than 5 minutes late and do not check in before the set return time, you lose three points for every 5 minutes you are late.

If you are more than 30 minutes late and have not checked in, you will lose your set bonuses.