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Adventure motorcycles’ versatility makes their insurance needs a bit different from traditional motorcycles. We asked GEICO to help us.

1. Does my insurance coverage stop when I go off-road?
Coverage would apply while the bike is being operated off-road.

2. Are accessories like GPS, panniers, crash protection, aftermarket exhaust, and other items I have added to my motorcycle covered?
As long as accessories are attached to the motorcycle, the accessories will be valued at their actual cash value at the time of a covered loss not to exceed the accessory limit on the policy.

3. What about coverage in foreign countries?
The GEICO Motorcycle policy provides coverage in the United States of America, its territories or possessions, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

With the exception of Canada, coverage from the GEICO Motorcycle policy would not apply in foreign countries. Canada does require a special ID card that you would need to acquire from us before traveling across the border.

We do have other options available to acquire coverage for travel outside the United States. Our MOAT Department is able to offer coverage for GEICO auto/cycle/RV policyholders traveling to Mexico temporarily. These policies can be purchased for one day or for up to a year.

GEICO also offers Overseas Insurance. If you’re taking your own car or motorcycle overseas for personal travel, chances are we’ve got a policy for you! We even offer marine insurance to help cover your vehicle during shipping. Need coverage for your belongings? GEICO can help you with overseas personal property insurance too!

4. Given that I ride off-road occasionally, how much coverage do I really need?
It is important to consider the current value of your bike when determining whether to carry Physical Damage Coverage for your bike. Every situation is different, and our motorcycle-trained experts are always willing to help explain the coverage we offer to help determine the right policy for the individual rider.

5. Is my bike covered when being towed or hauled?
Yes. The bike would be covered while being towed as long as the appropriate Physical Damage Coverage is on the policy.

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