2019 Adventure Rally Champions

For the second year the GEICO Adventure Rally took it outdoors in the camp-style event at Stagecoach Trails RV Resort marking the Bonnier event’s second visit to Southern California. With the SoCal proximity, an all-new map and more than 100 new points to discover, or a chance to test ride a fleet of BMW motorcycles, the 2019 GEICO Adventure Rally & Camp again saw a record number of participants, with the rally portion of the event completely sold out again.

2019 Adventure Cup Champions
Team Wild Humans - 297 pts.

Scott Chew & Nicki Friel

Second Place
Team Meerkat Moto - 233 pts.

Dennis Godwin, Tim McWhorter, Bryce Proctor, Harsimran Baweja, TJ McWhorter

Third Place
Snake Dudes - 181 Pts
Dennis Schmidt, Dan Firestone, Christopher Seawood

2019 Industry Cup Champions
Irv Seaver Rally Rats - 152 Pts.

Bo Cubberley, David Diaz, Gregory Frates

Best Team Name
Adios Pantalones
Keith Dishong, Buster Christenson, Aaron Mittleman,
Robert Moore

Blacksmithing by Lance
Trophy Designer Lance Thomas
Top three teams pictured

WildHumans297The Lazy Dogs133Skirtin' & Jerkin61
Meerkat moto233He Be Ge Be132Two Vintage Thumpers61
Snakedudes210The Lost Boyz128ADVAF (INDUSTRY)60
The Lost Vaqueros209"Our Favorite Word is Moist"126Rockstars60
Adios Pantalones205ADV Coyotes123Airheads49
Three Amigos Adventure Racing Team202Stonehaven Sandbaggers114ROWORIORII48
Phantom Panda200Los Valientes Nudillos107FNGs2rally47
Intrepid Adventurers190Allouette1053MeGo's44
Hey Meowz1742 KTM Nutz99ADV Orthopedics43
Moto Amici174Knights of Ni99Goober39
Team Curtice171Desert Creepers97Lost Souls39
Farkle Ponies166Dos Gumby's96Straight off the couch38
Three pickles and a peach162Fluffy Bunny95ADV Pulse (INDUSTRY)37
Bourbon and Muddy Water155GSTROPHY (INDUSTRY)94Big Foot and Lil E'Een25
Irv Seaver Rally Rats (INDUSTRY)152Bone Thugz91GentlemanADV23
Road rash1523 half wits make a (w)hole89ASEA Adventurers22
TEAM RAYJAY152Wingnuts85Boulder Mtn Wrecking Crew22
Scolded dogs149Sean & The Donkey Show80Screamin Dragon22
KLRs in Cali143Almost there76Just Us19
Lords of the Flywheels142Ridin dirty 20196627-hike15
The Way South140Ridindirty201966Did you lock the truck?6
Dirt nappers133